Vintage Pendants

Pendants made from the original page out of vintage books.

~* Illustrations from children's books.
           Stories for Girls from the 1950s
           Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes

~* Foreign language texts

~* Shakespeare texts

~* Sheet Music

~* Maps

~* and whatever lovelies I find on a
     vintage shopping expedition

One inch round pendants in black metal.
Unlike many others, these pendants do not have a cabochon or resin topping.

Pictures are glued to the base and given three layers of sealer,
and finished with two coats of clear acrylic.

The picture appears 'framed' by the 2mm deep sides.

This technique gives the pendants a unique look that is
modern but vintage, sweet but rustic.

you can read posts about my Vintage Pendants, 
their making and the books behind them

pendants currently available are in the
Vintage Pendant section of the shop