About Me

Here are some things about me.
Some silly, some serious, but all true!

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My name is Melissa,
my friends call me Mel,
but around here I’m

I need my own space.
I crave to be with others.
I desire true love.

I ♥ my dog, for she is
my precious sweet thing.

I’m fond of Norway.
I love Sweden.
I’d drop everything
to fly to Copenhagen.

I love the Winter
Olympics, Johnny
Weir and Evan

I ♥ Graham Norton,
adore Justin & Colin,
and want to marry
John Barrowman.
(Yes, I know.)

Aaron Spelling is my
guilty pleasure TV hero.
Richard Curtis is my
rom-com (with meaning) movie hero.
I’m just discovering Tim Burton.
(I’m slow.)

I love Nigella and Jamie, and if I
wrote a cookbook it would be called
“A Bowl on The Couch”.

My nieces, like, totally rock.
Their parents are okay too. ;p

Australia is awesome,
but too darn hot in summer.

Facebook - I get it, but just don’t have much to say.
Twitter - I want to, but ‘I’m just not that into you’.
Flickr - well, hello!

Grace I like, but Audrey is the bomb.
George Clooney is the new Cary Grant.

UK police show “The Bill” is my longest commitment.

“Wonderwall” by Oasis is the perfect song.

I like fluffy pop music, it makes me feel good.

I love “Glee”, “High School Musical” and “Eurovision”. :)

Black top and blue jeans.
What else do you need?

Take Star Trek, give me Stargate
(all of them).

I would furnish an entire home
- from couch to cutlery -
from the IKEA catalogue.

I love print.
I love pattern.
I love design & colour.
Old things, new things.
The same things.

Time fascinates me, but I don’t understand it.

Loving the Dance in “So You Think You Can Dance Australia”.

If I had twins, they would be named Ruby and Ronan.

I prefer to walk along the beach in winter.

Music takes me to places nothing else can.

I think the London Eye is fab!

I don’t remember times tables.
That is why God invented calculators.

I’d love to visit Japan, Quebec and Russia.
I’d love to drive around Tasmania.

The stars I prefer to sleep under at night
are the 5 stars of a top quality hotel.
I like my creature comforts.

I love the smell of rain, coffee, hot bread and citrus.

I’m fascinated by actors and how they do what they do.

I like photography (but I am impatient).
I like craft (but I am messy).
I like graphic art (but I am untrained).

I am the sum of many things.
And then, so much more.

In truth, I am
and happy.
We all are.
We just don’t know it.