Thursday, March 4, 2010

~* pendants in shop *~

Over the next couple of days I am listing the pendants I've made so far into the shop.

Most are from a children's book called "Rene Cloke's Bedtime Stories of Fairy Tales and Rhymes", printed in Hungary in 1984.

Gorgeous ickle faces of boys and girls ... and one red squirrel!

All pendants come with a bonus of an archival print of the original illustration that the pendant is made from.


I'm working on a couple of different original projects, which I'm very happy and excited about. Just thinking about them makes me feel good. :)
Will hopefully have something to show over the weekend, or early next week.

I'm also thinking about what I want this blog to be about - in addition to my own work. I'd like to showcase items and shops and websites that I like and inspire me. Giving that some thought.



  1. Just adorable! I'm sure they'll be really popular!

  2. Love it! Your store is full of beautiful products!